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Prepared Foods Business a Trend in 2017

Posted On 2017-06-22

Busy lifestyle makes the population buy ready to eat meals or prepared foods for their convenience. Growing number of working women force has led to the introduction of prepared foods as they are easily available and needs lesser preparation time. Advantages of processed foods are that they have a longer shelf life and are easy to consume. Well, when you bundle convenience, nutrition, and great taste, consumers respond well to the business with their loyalty. Prepared foods in supermarket offer up an irresistible blend of those things that encourage customers through your doors. In 2017, prepared foods market is predicted to be one of the most successful chains to promote meals prepared in-house as it takes advantage of both its size and branding. Prepared foods can reach the massive international market.

A recent industry study focused on consumers’ preferences for dining at home, eating out at restaurants and bringing home supermarket prepared foods found that almost 57% of meals were grocery-prepared. We can say that this trend is easy to incorporate in grocery stores of all sizes.

These days the customer digital connections are growing worldwide. As consumers are already enjoying the convenience of ordering groceries online, making sure they have access to your prepared meals too. For instance, work with a company that specializes in cross-platform digital marketing so that customers can connect with your freshest selections on all channels and devices. Also, branding your own label can help you gain profit, whether you’re offering single, ready-to-go boxed meals or assorted family-sized entrees, give your prepared food service operation a name they’ll remember. It is also important to note that customers want transparency in labels that outlines nutritional profiles. From fresh salads of lettuce to lemon and herb chicken, you really need to be sure to provide consumers with the information they need to make healthy choices. It’s a sure strategy for increasing prepared food sales.

Increasing need for meals with foraged, hyper-local ingredients with different flavors and blends such as mushrooms, nettles, blackberries, rose hips, seaweeds, truffles, etc. by consumers are driving this market.

Did you know consumers like to buy local? Local sourcing as a marketing edge will surely help you gain profit. It ensures quality selections while it supports the economy as well. Supermarket prepared meals are an ideal way to showcase the best of the local food scene. By choosing fresh vegetables and locally sourced proteins, you show a commitment to both customer preferences and the surrounding community as well. We advise this as is a great way to start a prepared foods business. Also, offer a discount on the first purchase of your in-house prepared food as this can really help give customers enticing cross-promotions that expand their choices and boost your profits. Additionally, take advantage of seasonal produce and selections too. They keep in-house meals fresh year-round, and that keeps the business healthy. When you deliver excellent work, by default your customers’ expectations rise high. The supermarket industry is constantly evolving, and you can do that too, to help yourself stay on top of it.

The U.S. is anticipated as the largest market for convenience foods in the world. Moreover, the emerging markets of Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America are further estimated to fuel the market for prepared foods. The U.S. region is predicted to remain a dominant market for prepared foods market during the forecast period. The growth and dominance in this region can be attributed to the declining trend towards away-from-home dining and cooking at home. Global Prepa